X-Probe Fixture Kit, PCB Test Fixture Kit

X-Probe Fixture Kit

H+W Test Products has developed, with close assistance directly from QA Technology’s, a REBOUNDER® test fixture for the new X-Probe™ socketless test probe. Specifically designed to work with all series of test platforms. All REBOUNDER® test kits feature two separate “Co-Active Seals™”, “Quick Twist®” Locking Guide Pins, and boards constructed of fine weave G10/FR4, increasing testing reliability and accuracy while simplifying finishing, debugging, and maintenance. All H+W products are backed-up with our “Test-Assured™” one year warranty, in writing, and SAME DAY SHIPMENTS.


H+W Test Products Rebounder® X-Probe™ test fixtures have four plates.
Each plate is drilled differently by the fixture finisher.

  • TOP PLATE: This FR4/G10 material plate is available in a non-ESD or as an ESD-Impregnated version. This plate needs to be drilled with tight tolerance holes to guide the X-Probe™ tips accurately to the targets on the PCB test fixture kit.
  • PROBE PLATE: This FR4/G10 material plates uses H+W’s standard, patented Rebounder® design. This is the same probe plates used in our reqular test fixture kits. This plate needs to be drilled with holes slightly larger than the X-Probe’s™ body. These small clearance holes prevent binding, misalignment or float. They help guide the X-Probe™ accurately to its target.
  • BEEF PLATE: This lightweight, easy to drill material helps guider the X-Probe™. This plate needs to be drilled with holes slightly larger than the X-Probe’s™ body.
  • BACK PLATE: This high density, FR4/G10 material plate insures maximum strength, minimizes board flex and greatly improves pointing accuracy. This plate needs to be drilled with the required diameter holes to retain the X-Probe™ Interconnect Pin.

For specific information on QA Technology’s X-Probe™, visit www.qatech.com.



How to order
To order REBOUNDER® X-Probe™ fixtures, select the fixture you require from an H+W product bulletin and specify the fixture model number. Insert an “X” between the “R” and the second letter.
Example: RG22004A becomes RXG22004A
Example: RH32004A becomes RXH32004A



Available Sizes
Standard Fixture Keysight (Agilent) Fixtures
G2 Kits: 14″x18″ Max UUT RH32 Kits: 15.8″x14.1″ Max UUT, (small) Single Bank
G3 Kits: 18″x22″ Max UUT RH38 Kits: 15.8″x28.3″ Max UUT, (large) Double Bank
G4 Kits: 18″x28″ Max UUT
G5 Kits: (2)8″x14″ Max UUT
G6 Kits: (2)10″x18″ Max UUT


Test Systems Availability
Keysight (Agilent) (HP) 3065, 3070
Teradyne (GenRad) 2270, 2271, 2276, 228X
Teradyne 88X, 18XX
Teradyne Spectrum 88XX
Teradyne Teststation LH
Test Research, Inc. TR-8001
H+W System Non-Specfic


Specifications subject to change without notice. Consult H+W for Latest Design Changes. REBOUNDER®, Rebound Strip®, Quick Twist®, Test-Assured™, Linear Touch™ and Co-Active Seals™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of H+W Test Products, Inc. Patent Number 5,430,385 & 6,054,869