Teradyne/Multi-Site TSh

Teradyne TestStation Multi-Site (TS-51+52) TSh In-Line


H+W TSh Base and Upper Press-Down Assembly
TSh Base and Upper
Base Fixture Kit shown with Upper Press-down Assembly and both optional 5-Slot Interfaces


Teradyne Multi-Site TSh Base Assembly
TTh22201 Will accept 13.7″ (350mm) x 15.7″ (400mm) or 13.7″ (350mm) x 17.71″ (450mm) MAX UUT
TSh Base Kit TSh Base Kit Open
Replacement Probe Plate P/N= TTh22210



Teradyne Multi-Site TSh Upper Press-Down Assembly
TTh22101 Includes .500″ thick FR4/G10 Press Down Plate and Extension Stand-Offs for Lower UUT Specific Plate.
Tsh Upper Press-down Assembly Front TSh Upper Press-down Assembly Rear
Replacement Pressure Plate P/N= TTh22111


H+W Interface Panel For Teradyne TestStation TSh System
Part Number Description
ST32312 5 Slot, 2 Row, 256pts per Slot, 1280 Test Points, Fully Loaded Interface Panel
In-Line Interface Panel Frame Assembly (IPFA). (Includes two Stiffener Rails, as seen in images below.)
ST32312_front ST32312_side
Order Qty 1 or 2 per Base Kit


ST32325 High Density Interface (HD) 5 Slot, 4 Row 512pts. per Slot, 2,560 Test Points Fully Loaded Panel. In-Line Interface Panel Frame Assembly (IPFA-HD). Includes Stiffener Rails and all hardware to attach to H+W TSh Base Fixture Kit. See photos below for visual reference.
st32325-tsh-01 st32325-tsh-02
Order Qty 1 or 2 per Base Kit