Because Sometimes, Less is More

When you need to perform at the highest level of testing accuracy, every advantage counts. Once again, H+W Test Products anticipates the finishing needs of their market and provides you with a kit that combines the most popular features of our past PCB Test Kits, with new developments designed to facilitate the testing process.

By carefully analyzing the essential elements and functions of PCB Test Kits, H+W has been able to streamline the concept, improving precision and raising the efficiency of your testing.

The revolutionary Rebound Strip® eliminates the need for diaphragm board springs, resulting in an increase of approximately 20% to the UUT area.

The absence of seal bars facilitates assembly, and the removal of the trim ring makes the REBOUNDER® highly suitable for your robotic applications.

H+W’s new test kit design improves testing accuracy while simplifying finishing, debugging and maintenance.

As always, all H+W Test Products units are backed by our exclusive one-year warranty, in writing. All the additional features you’ve come to expect from H+W test kits, such as part interchangeability, and deeper pans, are also standard on the new REBOUNDER®.

Count on test-kit technology that allows you to achieve the highest level of testing reliability within increasingly tighter time parameters.

What’s The REBOUNDER® Difference and what does it mean to you?
Two distinct, Co-Active Seals™. Ensure maximum reliability by providing continuous sealing back-up function.
Streamlined design. Faster unit assembling and maintenance.
No Protruding metal bars. Highly suitable for Automated Board Handlers.
Outer REBOUND STRIP® spring biases the diaphragm board. Elimination of springs increases UUT area.
Non-movable seals. Friction wear is reduced, seal life is extended.
Quick Twist® Pins. Quicker finishing and debugging.
Only G10/FR4 glass epoxy, fine weave material for diaphragm board and probe plate. Non-hydrophilic material ensures stability, consistency and reliability.
Upper head opens and holds by itself at any angle, up to 90 Degrees. Considerably easier wiring and debugging.
Test-Assured™ Warranty. Full one year warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Consult H+W for Latest Design Changes. REBOUNDER®, Rebound Strip®, Quick Twist®, Test-Assured™, Linear Touch™ and Co-Active Seals™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of H+W Test Products, Inc. Patent Number 5,430,385 & 6,054,869