H+W Rebounder Plus™ Bi-Level Fixturing

H+W Rebounder Plus™ Bi-Level Fixturing

H+W Test Products has designed a series of fixtures for Bi-Level testing. This system is used on combinational testers for concurrent functional/In-circuit board testing, using a single fixture. This process lowers fixture cost, speeds testing, reduces UUT handling, and offers a 50% reduction in fixturing. All H+W Test Products are backed with our “Test-Assured™” one year warranty in writing and SAME DAY SHIPMENTS.


Bi-Level Test Fixture Operation
***A UUT/PCB overclamp must be used with each application***
• Install UUT/PCB to be tested
• Apply full vacuum
• Engage pneumatic air cylinders
• Release vacuum
• Perform Functional Test
• Apply full vacuum
• Perform In-Circuit Test
• Release vacuum to go back to functional test or..
• Disengage pneumatic air cylinders
• Release vacuum
• Remove tested UUT/PCB


How to order
To order Bi-Level fixtures, select the fixture you require from an H+W product and specify the fixture model number. Remove the “R” from the beginning of the model number and insert “BIL“.
Exp: RG22004A becomes BILG22004A


Usable UUT/PCB test area
H+W Bi-Level test fixtures are available in two sizes.
• G2 kits: 15″ x 10.5″ (381 x 267)
• G3 kits: 19″ x 14.5″ (483 x 368)


Test System Availability
GenRad 2270/2271/2272/228X
Teradyne 8X0/18XX
Teradyne/Spectrum 88XX
MDA Test Systems