OPENS EXPRESS (Teradyne/GenRad)


Opens Testing Components
H+W Test Products has developed a product line of components for Opens Testing. Designed for GenRad’s Opens Express*, Keysight (Agilent) (HP)’s TestJet*, and Teradyne’s Multiscan* Opens Testing applications, these components and H+W’s full line of overclamps and vacuum top access units provide a full range of opens testing options.


* Opens Express is a registered trademark of GenRad, Inc.
* TestJet is a registered trademark of Keysight (Agilent) (HP) Co.
* Multiscan is a registered trademark of Teradyne, Inc.


GenRad Mux
Board Kit
GenRad Buffer
Board Kit
GenRad Sensor
Plate Kit
GenRad Sensor to
Buffer Wire Kit
FC58601 (Old GenRadOpens Express* system) FC58602 (to be used withFC58601) FC58603 (to be used withFC58601/2 or FC58608) FC58604 (to be used withFC58602 and FC58603)
Includes: Includes: Includes: Includes:
  • (1) H192001 Mux Bd, GR P/N 9004-0400-02
  • (1) H192002 Buffer Bd, GR P/N 9004-0335-01
  • H192003 8″x11″ Plate, for up to 70 1″x1″ sensors
  • (25) H192113 6″ wire with connector, Sensor to Buffer Bd.
  • (4) H009065 .500″ Nylon Spacer
  • (1) H192112 10 pin Buffer to Mux Bd. Ribbon Cable
  • (1) H163011 8″x11″x.125″ GPPS Mounting Material
  • (1) H004425 8″x11″x.250″ Foam Poron
  • (1) H004438 8″x11″x.375″ Foam Poron


Opens Testing Sensor
Plate Mounting Kit
GenRad OFM
Board Kit
GenRad Sensor to
OFM Wire Kit
Opens Testing Sensor
Plate Mounting Kit
FC58606 (Can be used on H+W Overclamps) FC58608 (New GenRad Opens Express* system) FC58605 (to be used with FC58608) FC58607 (to be used with FC58606 or Lexan Plate Overclamp)
Includes: Includes: Includes: Includes:
  • (1) (10) FC58612 Mounting Brackets
  • (1) H192004 OFM Bd., GR P/N 9004-0482-00
  • (25) H192114 12″ wire with connector, Sensor to OFM Bd.
  • (10) FC58614 Nylon Mounting Stud
  • (10) FC58613 Mounting Leg
  • (1) H192111 30 pin OFM Bd. Ribbon Cable
  • (20) H009250 Nylon 1/4-20 Hex Nut
  • (10) H008105 Nylon Wire Clip
  • (4) H009065 .500″ Nylon Spacers
  • (30) H009062 Nylon Washer
  • (10) H009064 .375″ Nylon Spacer
  • (10) H009065 .500″ Nylon Spacer
  • (10) H114620 6-32×1.25″ Soc. Hd. Scr.
  • (30) H116604 6-32×2.50″ Button Hd. Scr.