Keysight (Agilent) (HP) 306X/3065 ATE Test Systems

Keysight (Agilent) (HP) 306X/3065 ATE Test Systems

* All HP306X/65 Fixture kits no longer supplied with Interface.

Shown with Interface for reference only.

REBOUNDER® test kits feature two separate “Co-Active Seals™”, “Quick Twist®” Locking Guide Pins, and boards constructed of fine weave G10/FR4, increasing testing reliability and accuracy while simplifying finishing, debugging, and maintenance. All H+W products are backed-up with our “Test-Assured™” one year warranty, in writing, and SAME DAY SHIPMENTS.


H+W Fixtures for Keysight (Agilent) (HP) 306X/3065 Systems
Part Number Maximum Board Size
10″ x 14″ (253 x 355)
14″ x 18″ (355 x 456)
18″ x 22″ (456 x 557)


H+W Dual Well Fixtures For Keysight (Agilent) (HP) 306X/3065 Systems
Part Number Maximum Board Size
2 – 8″ x 14″ (203 x 355) Dual Well
2 – 10″ x 18″ (253 x 456) Dual Well


H+W Fixture Accessories
Part Number Description
Adapter Boxes are available in All Styles
Handles (Alum-A-Lift Compatible)
Ground Plane For All 10″ x 14″ uut fixtures
Ground Plane For All 14″ x 18″ and 2 – 8″ x 14″ Dual Well Fixtures
Ground Plane For All 18″ x 22″ and 2 – 10″ x 18″ Dual Well Fixtures
All Vacuum Fixtures come w/ ESD Impregnated Top Plate
Over Clamps are Available

Count on test-kit technology that allows you to achieve the highest level of testing reliability within increasingly tighter time parameters.

What’s The REBOUNDER® Difference and what does it mean to you?
Two distinct, Co-Active Seals™. Ensure maximum reliability by providing continuous sealing back-up function.
Streamlined design. Faster unit assembling and maintenance.
No Protruding metal bars. Highly suitable for Automated Board Handlers.
Outer REBOUND STRIP® spring biases the diaphragm board. Elimination of springs increases UUT area.
Non-movable seals. Friction wear is reduced, seal life is extended.
Quick Twist® Pins. Quicker finishing and debugging.
Only G10/FR4 glass epoxy, fine weave material for diaphragm board and probe plate. Non-hydrophilic material ensures stability, consistency and reliability.
Upper head opens and holds by itself at any angle, up to 90 Degrees. Considerably easier wiring and debugging.
Test-Assured™ Warranty. Full one year warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Consult H+W for Latest Design Changes. REBOUNDER®, Rebound Strip®, Quick Twist®, Test-Assured™, Linear Touch™ and Co-Active Seals™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of H+W Test Products, Inc. Patent Number 5,430,385 & 6,054,869