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Vacuum, Non-Vacuum & Mechanical Test Fixtures for Printed Circuit Boards

H+W Test Products manufactures test fixture products for in-circuit, functional and combinational testers for users of automated test systems (ATE) such as Aeroflex, Keysight (Agilent) (HP), Checksum, Factron, Teradyne (GenRad), Test Research (TRI) and Testronics.

H+W Test Products also manufactures our own line of deep and sloped pan fixtures for general purpose/system non-specific pcb test applications.

All H+W vacuum fixtures are manufactured using our patented REBOUNDER® technology and use only high quality fine weave G10/FR4 probe plates and impregnated ESD G10/FR4 top plates.

H+W Test Products has developed a series of inexpensive mechanical test fixtures. These fixtures are designed for testing low volume runs of printed circuit boards (PCB) test fixtures or prototype applications. All mechanical test fixtures are available with ESD impregnated Lexan top plates, ESD impregnated G10/FR4 probe plates and ESD Delrin tipped pressure fingers.

Interface Panels, Coax/Power Interface Blocks, Fixture/Receiver Blocks & Personality Pins

H+W Test Products has a full line of interface products available to fit into most series of automated test systems (ATE). These include interface panels and rivet/wiring blocks for GenRad 227X & 228X, Teradyne 8X0 and all other test systems.

H+W also manufactures a full line of coax/power, fixture and receiver interface blocks that are compatible with H+W’s 1700pt. fixtures and receivers as well as most Teradyne (GenRad) 2270/1 test system fixtures and receivers.

H+W offers Keysight (Agilent) 3070 personality pins directly manufactured by Keysight (Agilent) or a lower cost identically performing personality pin.

All interface panels and interface blocks feature G10/FR4 fine weave material, all required silk screening, alignment pins and required hardware.

Overclamps/Receivers/Spare Parts/Accessories/Board Handler Fixtures

H+W Test Products has developed two (2) different series of fixture overclamps. Our first series, the LINEAR TOUCH™, has an unrestricted open design for Push Pin placements in the X, Y axis & has linear Z axis motion, which eliminates wiping action. This line of overclamps feature precision machined aluminum and stainless steel parts for superior strength and smooth operation. Our second, is a low cost adjustable in the X, Y & Z axis, series that is perfect for vacuum, non-vacuum, mechanical and Opens Testing applications. Threaded Nylon pressure fingers are included with each unit.

H+W Test Products developed a series of receivers that utilize a modular, spring-loaded interface that allows the user to purchase only the number of interface points required for their present need. The receivers are available in either: 1280 points in 160 point increments and 1700 points in 170 point increments.

H+W Test Products maintains a large inventory of spare parts and accessories. These items include but are not limited to: QUICK TWIST® pins, ground planes, G10/FR4 probe & top plates, fixture seals, handles, hoses, hinges, knobs and latches.

H+W Test Products has developed, with close assistance directly from IPTE and Teradyne (GenRad), an engineering innovative fixture series for IPTE ABH, Teradyne (GenRad) AccelerATE Stinger+Viper+MFT-19 ABH test systems. Each fixture assembly is manufactured to a tight tolerance range that enables any part of the fixture to be easily interchanged.

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