Vacuum, Non-Vacuum & Mechanical Test Fixtures for Printed Circuit Boards

H+W Test Products manufactures test fixture products for in-circuit, functional and combinational testers for users of automated test systems (ATE) such as Aeroflex, Keysight (Agilent) (HP), Checksum, Factron, Teradyne (GenRad), Test Research (TRI) and Testronics.

H+W Test Products also manufactures our own line of deep and sloped pan fixtures for general purpose/system non-specific pcb test applications.

All H+W vacuum fixtures are manufactured using our patented REBOUNDER® technology and use only high quality fine weave G10/FR4 probe plates and impregnated ESD G10/FR4 top plates.

H+W Test Products has developed a series of inexpensive mechanical test fixtures. These fixtures are designed for testing low volume runs of printed circuit boards (PCB) test fixtures or prototype applications. All mechanical test fixtures are available with ESD impregnated Lexan top plates, ESD impregnated G10/FR4 probe plates and ESD Delrin tipped pressure fingers.