Overclamps/Receivers/Spare Parts/Accessories/Board Handler Fixtures

H+W Test Products has developed two (2) different series of fixture overclamps. Our first series, the LINEAR TOUCH™, has an unrestricted open design for Push Pin placements in the X, Y axis & has linear Z axis motion, which eliminates wiping action. This line of overclamps feature precision machined aluminum and stainless steel parts for superior strength and smooth operation. Our second, is a low cost adjustable in the X, Y & Z axis, series that is perfect for vacuum, non-vacuum, mechanical and Opens Testing applications. Threaded Nylon pressure fingers are included with each unit.

H+W Test Products developed a series of receivers that utilize a modular, spring-loaded interface that allows the user to purchase only the number of interface points required for their present need. The receivers are available in either: 1280 points in 160 point increments and 1700 points in 170 point increments.

H+W Test Products maintains a large inventory of spare parts and accessories. These items include but are not limited to: QUICK TWIST® pins, ground planes, G10/FR4 probe & top plates, fixture seals, handles, hoses, hinges, knobs and latches.

H+W Test Products has developed, with close assistance directly from IPTE and Teradyne (GenRad), an engineering innovative fixture series for IPTE ABH, Teradyne (GenRad) AccelerATE Stinger+Viper+MFT-19 ABH test systems. Each fixture assembly is manufactured to a tight tolerance range that enables any part of the fixture to be easily interchanged.